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Breastmilk provides your baby with all the nutrition that they need to grow for the first 6 months of life. Breastfeeding has benefits for both baby and mother, and is a special time for both.  

From 6 months old, babies should continue to breastfeed while they start to eat solid food. The nutrients in breastmilk will adjust to meet your baby’s needs as they get older. It is recommended that breastfeeding is combined with solid foods till the child is 2 years old, or as long as mother and baby wish to continue.  

Benefits of breastfeeding:  

  • You don’t need any equipment 

  • Breastmilk is ready whenever baby is hungry 

  • Baby will be less likely to get infections, and many other diseases 

  • Baby is more likely to be a healthy weight later in life 

  • Supports bonding between mother and baby 

  • Reduces the risk of some cancers, osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes in the mother 

  • Help mothers return to their pre-pregnancy weight  


Healthy eating while breastfeeding 

Your body works harder while making breastmilk, so it needs extra fuel. Remember to look after yourself as well as baby. Keep eating a wide variety of foods from the five food groups and drinking plenty of water.  

For more information, see the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating


Breastfeeding in south west Sydney 

In Australia, 96% of mothers try breastfeeding at some point. In 2019, only 59% of mothers were fully breastfeeding when discharged from  the hospital in South West Sydney. This is the lowest percentage for the whole of New South Wales.   

[Source: Raising Children Network, Australian Breastfeeding Association, Centre for Epidemiology and Evidence. New South Wales Mothers and Babies 2019. Sydney: NSW Ministry of Health, 2021.]  



Getting Started  

When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Work Out 

Is my baby getting enough 


Breastfeeding gives your baby all the nutrients they need and under Australian Federal Law it is your right to breastfeed in public…

9 out of 10 women begin by breastfeeding their babies, but it doesn’t always work out...

Breastfeeding provides all the nutrition your baby needs during the first six months of life...

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