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Tap water is free and the healthiest drink for kids. Tap water is safe to drink and has fluoride, which helps to protect teeth from decay. Tap water is also the best drink to prevent dehydration.

growing healthy kids in south west sydney

Why drink water? 

Water helps to:  

  • Control body temperature. 

  • Protect organs and tissues in your body.

  • Keep the body moving and working properly.

  • Carry oxygen around the body.

  • Protect against tooth decay.  

  • Digest food.  


growing healthy kids in south west sydney


Plain, reduced fat milk is also a great choice for your kids. Milk has calcium, which helps kids to grow strong bones and teeth.  

Drinks to limit 

Drinking juice and other sugary drinks can cause weight-gain and increase the chance of tooth decay. It is okay to have these drinks sometimes and in small amounts. The easiest way to limit how much kids are drinking is not to keep any at home.  

Fruit juices are high in sugar and low in fibre. It is better to eat a piece of fruit as it will help your child to feel full and satisfied.  

Soft drinks, cordials, flavoured mineral waters and other drinks with added sugar are not needed, because they have no nutritional value. Diet drinks do not have sugar, but they are acidic and can cause tooth decay.  

Drinks with caffeine should be avoided by kids. These drinks may affect sleep patterns, behaviour, and development.  

Use the Live Lighter Sugary Drinks Calculator to check how much sugar your kids have had this week.  

See the Raising Children Network website for a video on Junk Food and Soft Drinks


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