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a healthy lunchbox helps in growing healthy kids



Experts in nutrition and education agree that what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat are all very important. This is especially true for children. The simple fact is, if we want our kids to do well at school, we have to feed them well.

Useful Tips

Here are a few suggestions that should make it easier to prepare healthy lunches for your little ones:

  • Encourage the kids to get involved in choosing the healthy foods they want in their lunchboxes

  • Choose a variety of food types from the 5 different food groups:
    1. Fruit
    2. Vegetables
    3. Grain and cereal foods (bread rice pasta)
    4. Lean protein, meat or an alternative
    5. Dairy foods like milk yoghurt or cheese


  • Freezing small bottles of water helps to keep food cool and fresh in their school-bag.
  • Wash and dry salad carefully to stop the sandwiches from going soggy
  • During hot weather, don't put milk, yoghurt, fish or meat in lunchboxes unless the child has a way of keeping it cool 
  • Not all packaged convenience foods are unhealthy!!!  Try small packets of unsalted nuts or low-fat yoghurt. See the label reading guide under Healthy Snacks section to help you make more confident food choices
  • Preparing lunches ahead of time can help if you are limited for time in the morning


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