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It is important for babies to be physically active several times a day in a variety of ways through supervised floor-based play and tummy time. During the first 12 months, such activity helps babies to build the strength they need to roll, crawl, sit, stand and eventually walk.  


tummy time

                                                                 The articles below offer some ideas on tummy time and floor-based play for babies.  

                                                                                                          Play Time

                                                                                                           Tummy Time And Starting To Move

                                                                                                           Movement For 8-12 Month Olds 


Your baby will spend a lot of time sleeping on their back with their head in one position. Spending time on their tummy can help to…

By around 8-12 months, your baby will start to move more by crawling, climbing, standing, and cruising, and it is important for…

The time you spend playing with your baby is essential for their development...