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Healthy eating habits start from a young age.  


Toddlers need a range of different nutrients to help with their healthy growth and development. Eating and drinking well will help your toddler grow, learn and play.  

Toddlers need foods from the five food groups: vegetables, fruit, grain foods, dairy and lean meat and alternatives. It is best to limit foods high in sugar, salt, fat or energy.  



What Should Toddlers be Eating? 

Healthy Snack Ideas 

Choosing Water as a Drink 

Drinking Water from a Cup  

Fussy Eating 

Hunger Signs

Eating as a Family 


Fussy eating is normal. It is a way for children to explore their environment and assert their independence.

From 12 months of age water should be the main drink for toddlers. Encouraging water from a young age will set your toddler up with…

Healthy snacks can help you child meet their daily nutrient needs...

By 12 months of age, toddlers should be drinking water and milk from a cup

Knowing your toddler's hunger cues can make it easier to keep them happy and healthy.

Life with a toddler gets very busy, and it can be hard to keep a regular routine for dinner time.

From 12 months onwards, toddlers should be getting most of their nutrition from solid food.