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Many children in the region may be getting ready to start primary school in 2024.

The NSW Department of Education has a range of tools to help children, parents and carers prepare for the big day.

They include:

Getting ready for primary school:

This guide explains about enrolment, budgeting, getting there and more. It's available in English and community languages.

To find out more, click here


Daisy's First Day:

Families can read this book together. An eBook and term planner are also available.

To learn more, click here.


Daisy's First Day


How to pack a healthy lunchbox:

Parents may by packing their children's school lunchbox for the first time and unsure of where to begin.

A handy tool is the Cancer Council's Healthy Lunchbox Builder.

They can learn about food groups and find recipes, healthy lunch box examples, snacks and sandwich filling ideas.   

The lunchbox builder is available here.