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Keeping active can help teens have fun and prevent boredom. Look for some local sporting groups or activities available to you and check out the Active Kids Voucher section for more information. 

Find an active hobby 

If your teens are unable to find a sport or active recreation that they enjoy, encourage them to try active hobbies that get them outside, and raise their heart rate Trying new activities can help to learn new skills, make new friends, and have many health benefits. Some active hobbies to consider can include:  

  • Fishing  growing healthy kids in south west sydney

  • Gardening  

  • Nature Photography  

  • Horse riding  

  • Volunteering  

  • Hiking  

  • Yoga  

  • Orienteering  

  • Carpentry/Woodwork  

  • Canoe/Kayaking/Stand-up paddleboard  

  • Surfing  

  • Rock Climbing  

  • Swimming 

  • Scouts  

  • Cycling or Mountain Biking   

  • Skateboarding 

These active hobbies can be done with friends and family and can be a low-cost option in comparison to team sports.   

Be sure to use caution when trying new activities, always tell your teen to let you know where they are going, stay at locations that are visible and frequented by the public and not go into secluded places alone.


Geocaching is a unique active hobby that you can try with your teens. It works around your schedule and free time. It can be done anywhere in the world and takes you to different locations within your local community or wherever you are. There are millions of geocaches worldwide that you may not have known about before.   

All you need is your phone to download and create a Geocaching account on the app. Next, choose the geocache to find and follow the navigation.  

Each geocache is different and unique to its location. Once you find the geocache, you can note it in the logbook and share your experiences online with others.  


Some reasons to try geocaching:  

  • Learn fun facts about Planet Earth  

  • Experience new places like a local 

  • It is a great way to stay active and have fun  

  • It gets your teen outside and exploring  

  • It is fun for family and friends  

  • Experience real-world discovery, exploration and adventures  

  • It can guide your teen to moments of peace, serenity and is a good way to de-stress 

Useful tools: