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Finding out you're pregnant is a big change in life and you need to know what to do next. These are the first steps you should take.

Step 1: Complete the Booking in My Pregnancy questionnaire:


Booking in My Pregnancy (BiMP) is an online health questionnaire. After your pregnancy is confirmed by your GP, you can complete the BiMP questionnaire on your computer or mobile device. BiMP will:

  • connect you to the antenatal clinic at your local hospital, where you will receive some, or all, of your pregnancy care. 
  • provide the antenatal clinic with the information you have given about your pregnancy and health. The antenatal clinic will contact you to give you an appointment at the best time for you. 
  • help women who have general health problems which make their pregnancy higher risk. High-risk pregnancies need care through the antenatal clinic or a private obstetrician.
All women should have their first appointment at the hospital before 13 weeks of pregnancy. Women with a high-risk pregnancy may need to have their first appointment earlier.         

Book your appointment

The antenatal clinic at your local hospital will contact you with your first appointment details. The clinic will contact you by text message, email or phone call. Please be aware that the phone call may come from a private number.


See your GP

Step 2: Confirm your pregnancy with your family doctor

Before you can go any further, your pregnancy needs to be confirmed by a blood test or an ultrasound

  • Make an appointment with your family doctor or general practitioner (GP). 
  • The GP will give you a referral to have some blood tests and a urine test to check your general health. One of these blood tests is to confirm you are pregnant by checking for a hormone in your blood.

doctor referral

Step 3: Get a GP referral for pregnancy care

To have pregnancy care through a hospital, you will need a GP referral letter to the hospital. Take this letter to your first pregnancy care appointment at the hospital. 

There are a number of pregnancy care options available in South West Sydney. Click here for more information.

If you're not sure which is the right hospital for you, you can check here.

For more information on pregnancy care click here:


South West Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) offers a variety of midwifery and medical models of care.