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From around 6 months, babies can start to eat solid food while you continue to breastfeed them. They can begin to use spoons and sip from a cup. Over time, the amount of milk they drink will slowly decrease. This process is known as weaning.  

Introducing solid food helps your baby learn to eat and experience new tastes and textures.  

introducing solids

Signs that your baby is ready 

Look out for signs that your baby is ready for solid food 

  • Has good head and neck control and can sit upright when supported 
  • Shows an interest in food – for example, by looking at what’s on your plate 

  • Reaches out for your food 

  • Opens their mouth when you offer food on a spoon 


For information on which foods to start with, go to Trying New Foods  


Your baby can start having cooled, boiled water from about 6 months. Offering water in a cup helps your baby to learn this new skill. 

By 12 months, your baby should be eating family foods and drinking from a cup. 



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