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Eating well, staying active and keeping track of your wellbeing helps both you and your baby during pregnancy. Preparing for a new baby can be both an exciting and frightening time, especially if it is your first. Your body will go through many stages of pregnancy  so, it is important that you look after yourself and provide your baby with the best start in life.  

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In South Western Sydney, the fertility rate is well above average with over 14,000 births in 2019, representing 15% of the NSW (New South Wales) total. Our local health district has developed an app that our local mums can download from the Android or Apple store - My SWS (South West Sydney) Baby Pregnancy Journey App. The app provides important advice about pregnancy and helps keep track of any antenatal appointments. The information is delivered at relevant times in the pregnancy and is about the local services in South Western Sydney. 

Where can you go if you need additional support during your pregnancy: 

  • Your local doctor/GP (General Practitioner)   
  • Midwife. Contact your local hospital if you need to speak to a midwife  
  • Liverpool Hospital Women’s and Children’s Health Midwives Clinic 02 8738 4191  
  • Campbelltown and Camden Hospital Midwifery Group Practice 02 4634 3000  
  • Bankstown Hospital Midwifery Support Program 02 9722 7830  
  • Bowral Hospital Midwifery Support Program 02 4681 0200  
  • Private Obstetrician  

If you need more information about support services, please use the health direct service finder

For information on healthy eating and physical activity during pregnancy visit Get Healthy in Pregnancy website or call them on 1300 806 258   

Get Healthy in Pregnancy

If you need more information about support services, please use the health direct service finder

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Being active prior to and during pregnancy brings many health benefits, such as reducing back pain and helping prepare for birth.…

Healthy eating is important during pregnancy - for both you and your baby.

Weight Gain in Pregnancy: Too much or too little weight gain during pregnancy can put you or your baby at risk.

Breaking down the stages of your pregnancy can help to identify common symptoms and help prepare for your baby.

Regular exercise after childbirth can have a great impact on your health.