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Brighter Beginnings – the first 2000 days of life

The NSW Government is focusing on providing children with the best start in life by helping parents and families know what is the right information at the right time, improve services and appropriate support. With 90% of a child's brain development occurring by age 5, Brighter Beginnings was developed as a whole-of-government strategy to help provide children with the best start in life. The aim is to:

  • provide families with the information they need, when they need it to make their decisions – a customer centric approach to empower families with clear, reliable and timely information
  • improve universal services that lift the standard of opportunity for all – facilitating full participation in universal health, education and family services
  • target support and services for families that need it most – improve existing services and deliver evidence-based supports for families with additional needs.


Finding child and family support in your local area can help parents, caregivers and families get the best suited support.