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Active Travel is any activity where human energy is spent to travel, such as: 

  • Walking  

  • Cycling  

  • Scootering  

  • Skateboarding 

The benefits of active travel include:

  • Reduced impact on the environment, 

  • Increasing physical activity by including it into your daily routine, 

  • Improved health and wellbeing, 

  • Improved concentration and readiness to learn, 

  • Greater independence and resilience, 

  • Less traffic congestion around schools, 

  • Opportunities to socialise with others. 

Ways to encourage Active Travel 

Quick safety tips 

  • Always make sure your child is wearing an approved helmet when riding or skating to and from school. Ensure it fits properly and fastened. - check here on how to correctly fit a helmet 

  • Double check the bike or scooter is safe for use – no broken wheels, handlebars or frame, brakes work, and the size is correct. 

  • Walk or ride alongside them to check if the path is safe and to practice being a safe rider. 

Never too old to be safe – check out the resources below: 

Ride a bicycle safely 

Walk to school safely 

When can I let my child travel to and from school independently? 

[Source: NSW Government. Healthy Kids, Road Safety Transport NSW]

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