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How to create healthy lunchboxes  

You can create a healthier lunch box by:  

  • Building your child’s lunch box together and helping them choose their own healthy foods.  

  • Using the Pick and Mix from Victoria Health to help you choose a variety of food types from the different food groups.  

  • Freezing small bottles of water or ice packs to help keep food cool and fresh in their bag.  

  • Washing and drying salad to avoid soggy sandwiches.  

  • Avoiding milk, yoghurt, fish, or meat during hot weather in lunches unless packed in a cooler with an ice pack/frozen drink.  

  • Adding healthier packaged foods such as small packets of unsalted nuts or low-fat yoghurt.   

  • Preparing lunches ahead of time to help if you are limited for time in the morning  


Check out these links:

See the label reading guide under Healthy Snacks section to help you make confident food choices 


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