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The early years of a child’s life are crucial in shaping the rest of their life. During this time, your toddler will learn to control their bodies and develop skills like walking. The more opportunities there are to practice, the faster they will learn. 

24 hour movement guidelines 1 to 2 years


Younger toddlers will experiment with moving from sitting to standing and back. They may try to stand from sitting on a chair, the floor or squatting to pick up an object. These actions help toddlers to develop muscles and balance.  

Building blocks can be a great way to encourage bending and standing.  



As they are learning to walk, hold onto your toddler’s hips instead of their hands for support. When they are a bit more confident, back away slowly from your toddler as they start to take steps. This encourages them to take a few more steps.  

By 2 years, most toddlers will have become confident walkers. 


Other skills 

Most toddlers will learn to jump on the spot, attempt to run (fast walking), go up and down stairs, use feet to push and move a toddler bike. 

They may be comfortable climbing on low playground equipment and balancing enough to come down a slide, sitting. 

Toddlers will start to coordinate their hands and feet by learning to catch, kick and throw short distances. 

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Small bumps and falls are common for children as they learn and develop. For more information visit Raising Children Network  [Source: DoH Physical Activity And Sedentary Behaviour; Raising Children Network] 

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