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Access to safe places to be physically active such as walking trails, parks, playgrounds and outdoor gyms, help to develop healthy habits. Healthy neighbourhood environments positively influence physical activity levels, active travel, healthy eating, social connections and mental well-being.

The Australian physical activity and sedentary guidelines recommends the following:

Australian Physical Activity Guidelines

A little planning can help the whole family become more active across the day. You can use this Activity Diary  from the Healthy Kids website to help you fit more into your day. Some things you might try:

  • Walk to school or work
  • Get off 1 stop earlier and walk the extra way to school or work
  • Use the stairs
  • Go for a walk or play games at lunch time
  • Gardening in the afternoon
  • Bike ride on the weekend
  • Choose active sports at school
  • Walk the dog
  • Frisbee skipping and other active games
  • Plan activities that get you and the whole family out and about (i.e. going to the zoo or games in the park)
  • Participate in social sports
  • Find an Active Hobby 


There is a range of free programs to help kids and teens in South West Sydney be more active. Check out some of the options below…

The health promotion team in south west Sydney want to support families to have fun and be active together

Find out more about exercise programs in your area...