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Kids between the ages of 5- and 11-years need between 9 and 11 uninterrupted hours of sleep every night. Sleep habits, such as consistent going-to-bed and wake-up times, and reducing screen time at night, are just as important as diet and exercise for a child’s overall health and wellbeing. Getting enough sleep helps to strengthen your kid’s immune system and  reduce the risk of illness and infection.   


Kids might sleep better at nighttime if they:  

  • Keep a regular sleep and wake pattern, even on the weekend.  

  • Not use any screens one hour before bedtime  

  • Have a quiet and dimly lit place to sleep  

  • Get plenty of natural light during the day & morning.  

  • Avoid caffeine in tea, coffee, sports drinks and chocolate in the afternoon and evening.     

Helping kids to sleep well  

Some kids can fall asleep quickly while others may take a little longer. To have a good night’s sleep is all about helping kids to get to sleep, stay asleep and have enough good sleep to be ready and energized for the next day.   

Setting a bedtime routine is a useful tool and helps kids wind down for the day and prepare them for sleep.  

The Raising Children Network advises that for kids who may go to sleep at 7:30 pm, a bedtime routine could look like this:  

6:45 pm: shower/change into pyjamas, brush teeth and go to the toilet.   

7:15 pm: quiet time in their bedroom with a book and a bedtime story or quiet chat. Try to avoid screens around bedtime to help kids get to sleep easier.  

7:30 pm: goodnight and lights off.   


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