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Energy drinks are marketed to young people, helping to boost  mental and physical energy and increase performance. This makes them sound appealing, even though they provide no health benefits. In fact, with high levels of stimulants and sugar, they do the exact opposite. 

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The stimulant effect of energy drinks comes from additives such as caffeine and guarana (caffeine-containing compound), sugars, B vitamins, tea extracts, taurine and ginseng. While some of these may be natural compounds, they have an unnatural effect on the body to make us feel more awake and alert for a short time.  

Caffeine can slow down brain development and cause:  

  • Poor concentration  

  • Irritability   

  • Frequent urination   

  • Faster heart rate  

  • Increased body temperature  

  • Bed-wetting  

  • Upset stomach  


For teens especially, care should be taken to limit or avoid drinking energy drinks.  

growing healthy kids in south west sydney

Selecting healthier drink options is recommended for teens; water should be the go-to drink of choice.  

Water is free from the tap, rehydrates the body, helps clean the mouth, has fluoride, and helps protect our teeth.  



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