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 Screen time among teens is very common. Computers, tablets and other devices are useful and necessary for schoolwork. However, it is important to create healthy screen time habits outside of school hours.  

Spending too much time on screens can lead to: 

  • Poor posture  

  • Headaches  

  • Eye strain  

  • Weight gain 

  • Sleep problems  

  • Mood changes  

  • Poor concentration 

  • Missing out on new experiences 

How much screen time is too much? 

Screen Time Guidelines 5-17yrs

Top tips for reducing screen time 

Balance screen time with other activities like reading, exercise and spending time with friends. 

Here are a few other suggestions: 

  • Set reminders to stretch during long periods of sitting still and using screens 

  • Avoid using screens during the day when time can be spent outside instead 

  • Keep mealtimes screen-free  

  • Keep screens out of bedrooms, especially at night 

Check out the Active Hobbies section for alternatives to screen time. 

When using screens, choose programs and apps that: 

  • Encourage creativity 

  • Practise problem solving 

  • Help develop communication skills 

  • Improve social skills 

  • Give positive messages about relationships, family and life 

  • Create interest in new topics 

Set some rules as a family and be a role model for healthy screen usage. 

[Source: Raising Children Network; Queensland Health; Healthy Kids; Department Of Health 24hour Movement Guidelines] 

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