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The NSW Government is trying to help kids get creative. School-enrolled children aged 4.5-18 years are eligible for a voucher up to $100 per calendar year. This voucher can be used with registered and approved activity providers for registration, participation and tuition costs for performing arts, visual arts, coding, languages, literature, music and other eligible creative and cultural activities.  

Follow this link to apply now with Service NSW! 


Why are creative activities important for children? 

Creative activities provide positive impacts on children’s interpersonal, intellectual, social and emotional development. These vouchers help to: 

  • Engage children with their imagination, explore and generate original ideas 

  • Stretch their flexibility and openness to unique and new experiences 

  • Practice decision making and thoughtful choices supporting creative arts. 

  • Build on their communication and self-expression skills. 

  • Achieve new goals 

  • Experience teamwork and collaboration in the creative space. 

What types of activities are included? 

Visual Arts

Creative Industries

Literary and Linguistics Arts 

Performing Arts

  • Drawing 

  • Photography 

  • Sculpture 

  • Sketching 

  • Painting 

  • Printmaking 

  • Advertising 

  • Public art 

  • Screen 

  • Media arts 

  • Design 

  • Multimedia 

  • Craft 

  • Other Visual Arts. 

  • Architecture 

  • Coding 

  • Industrial design 

  • Game design 

  • Augmented/virtual reality 

  • Graphic design 

  • Fashion design 

  • Radio 

  • Robotics. 

  • Creative writing 

  • Languages 

  • Publishing 

  • Public speaking 

  • Poetry 

  • Spoken word 

  • Slam poetry

  • Music 

  • Drama 

  • Singing 

  • Circus arts 

  • Choreography 

  • Parkour 

  • Theatre 

  • Dance 

  • Puppetry 

  • Other Performing Arts. 


Cultural programs 


Structured learning activities with a focus on strengthening Aboriginal and culturally diverse community practices, for example, the Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge Program or Cultural Experience (Aboriginal and culturally diverse communities).