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If your child is not eating the foods provided to them from their lunchbox if may be due to various reasons:

Girls enjoying lunch.

Too many new foods

  • Include foods your child is familiar with and comfortable eating.
  • If trying something new, be sure to also pack something you know they will eat.
  • Remember it can take up to 15 times of exposure before children will accept a new food.


Too much food

  • A lunchbox full of food can be very overwhelming for young children.
  • Be realistic with what your child can eat and include them in packing their own lunchbox.


Can’t access the food

  • Some lunchbox containers and packaged foods are tricky for little fingers to open.
  • Check they can open containers before using them for school.
  • Remember to pack a spoon or fork for some meals and snacks.


Too busy playing

  • For many children, playing is much more important than eating.
  • Schools can help by providing designated sit-down eating times with no pressure to eat.


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