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One in four students experience bullying. Bullying is when someone is being mean repeatedly, on purpose and may cause your child to be upset. Cyberbullying can be difficult to control or identify as it is a type of bullying taking place online and through technology. This article can help to identify what bullying and cyberbullying is, identify signs and how you can help if your child experiences bullying. 


Bullying can cause your child to act differently and cause them to: 

  • Have trouble sleeping or concentrating 

  • Feel sick, alone, sad, angry or confused 

  • Lose their appetite 

  • Not want to go to school 

  • Become quieter or secretive  


Talking about bullying with your child can help to address and identify if your child is being bullied. Some ways to find out if they are being bullied without asking directly can include asking: 

  • What did you do at lunchtime today? 

  • Is there anyone at school who you don’t like? Why? 

  • Are you looking forward to going to school tomorrow? 

  • If you could change one thing about school, what would it be? 


If your child is experiencing bullying at school, it is best to report the situation to their school directly. Schools have an anti-bullying policy and should work with you and your child to resolve such situations. For more information review Education NSW Anti-bullying 


Cyberbullying is when someone uses technology to bully someone else. This can include: 

  • Sending or sharing hurtful or rude emails or messages 

  • Posting or sharing embarrassing videos or photos 

  • Spreading rumors online 

  • Setting up fake profiles 

  • Excluding others online 


Some important steps to keep in mind if your child is being bullied: 

  • Tell them it is not okay 

  • Get help from the police if needed 

  • Help your child to block or report the person, post or image 

  • Encourage your child to seek help from a trusted adult or parent, 

  • Keep evidence – take screenshots 

  • Make a report to esafety if the post/image does not get removed. 

  • Encourage a social media break and switch off the devices for a while. 


Bullying can affect your child’s mental wellbeing. For strategies on how to promote positive mental health and available support services, read Mental Health & Wellbeing 


Source: Headspace; Beyond Blue; Health Direct; Raising Children Network; Kids Helpline